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This guy is near and dear to my heart. He’s been living with me since we got him years ago.  He became very attached to me (Tia Torres) which was making it difficult to adopt him out.  Trust me we …

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To adopt Cooter Brown, go to Animatch Dog Adoptions


Unlike his namesake, our boy is the sweetest.  And I would have to say he is probably the dog who wants a new human more than any other dog we have.  That’s what happens when you get adopted out as …

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To adopt Bolo, please go to Animatch Dog Adoptions


To adopt Babs, please go to Animatch Dog Adoptions


She’s complicated. But then again, aren’t the pretty ones always like this? Haha! Cheese Nip is one of many Treeing Walker Hound mixes that we’ve had to rescue from the remote areas here in Assumption Parish.  With hunting being a …

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Yes, we know.  Her eyes are captivating.  This girl has had a rough life.  Featured on one of our episodes on “Pit Bulls & Parolees”, we were called to a local animal shelter to take her due to some aggressive …

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ADOPTED      ADOPTED      ADOPTED She is about 2 years old, a petite little thing, VERY affectionate and all she wants is to do is crawl into your lap. Although she is great with other dogs, she prefers …

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According to the Urban Dictionary, the meaning of “boujee” is as such: ” “High class, flossin’, ballin’. One who possesses swag. elite, rich.” And Atkins is as boujee as they come! I have never met such a stuck-up dog..let alone …

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