Approx. 2013

This old hound has my heart.  He’s been with me since day one when we took him out of one of our rural shelters here in Louisiana.  He had originally been adopted out by this shelter a year prior, only to have another shelter find him as a stray and severely emaciated.  Thank the gods for microchips and one shelter was able to get ahold of the original shelter and have him returned to them. That’s when we were called to give him yet another chance.

Agustus rode home with me, and collapsed in my front seat from emotional exhaustion (pictured here)  But not before resting his head on my dashboard and taking in the sights of freedom.  From that moment on, he lived with me until he finally got someone who was interested in him for adoption.

You saw his happy tails ending on our TV show “Pit Bulls & Parolees” when a sweet purple-haired senior woman adopted him in Arizona.  She was absolutely adorable and we made the drive to take Agustus to his happily ever after.

Then sometime later, we got the dreaded call that Agustus’ adopter had cancer and we needed to take him back.  But there was a hitch. He was no longer in Arizona…..he was in Minnesota. So we made the long trek to bring back the old guy (Once a VRC dog, Always a VRC dog)

I love this dog.  He is truly represents the soul of the old hound dog.  Now he just needs a place to retire with the sun on his back and the blue skies above.  He yearns for nothing more. OH wait….he’s got that, here with us.



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