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LOUISIANA Rescue and Adoption Location

WHEN SENDING MAIL OR PACKAGES, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY & THOROUGHLY. Due to the amount of mail we receive, we ask the following: For regular mail (letters, donations, misc. envelope type mail): P.O. Box 771127, New Orleans, LA  70177 (be careful…this zip code is almost the same as the physical address) For packages, please use our physical address: 4525 N. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, LA  70117 (again, be careful, as our physical zip code is almost the same as our P.O. Box) WHEN SENDING PACKAGES OR MAIL PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: We receive HUNDREDS of packages and letters monthly.  To email or call us and ask “do you get my letter or donation package?”…well, unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to remember everything that comes in the mail.  SO…if you want to know if your letter or package was received, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to send it with a tracking # so you can keep tabs on whether or not we get it.   Makes things much easier 🙂 SENDING TIA TORRES A GIFT This is another issue we have quite often.  Firstly Tia asks that you do not.  There really isn’t anything that she needs as she lives a very simple life.  Instead, she asks that you donate to her dogs. They are the ones who really need that “something special”.   The other problem is that due to some past “security” issues with people sending things in the mail that were not “safe”, Tia no longer opens up her mail or feels comfortable accepting personal gifts from people she doesn’t know.   Again, giving to the dogs is what she desires.  This is what makes Tia Torres happy 🙂