Adoption status
Approx December 2014

Unlike his namesake, our boy is the sweetest.  And I would have to say he is probably the dog who wants a new human more than any other dog we have.  That’s what happens when you get adopted out as a puppy and then returned as an adult.  And by no fault of his own, that’s what happened to the Chuckster.

Chuckie’s mama was brought into the rural country shelter here in Assumption Parish.  Pregnant and terrified, she stood no chance at getting rescued so we took her in and she had her puppies under our care. Chuckie became one of those pups and eventually got adopted out as a happy go lucky youngster.

Then we got the call that ever rescue dreads….they had to return Chuckie.  Due to a divorce (whatever), neither husband or wife wanted to keep him. So back he came and the only space we had was within our kennels. Poor Chuckie was/is completely traumatized.  He went from having a quiet home, sleeping on the couch to now, barking dogs all around him and sleeping in an outdoor kennel.

We are getting to know the adult Chuckie so at this time, we do not know how he is with other dogs, cats or kids but we will update his bio soon.  But what I can tell you is that he DESPERATELY needs a new human that will not abandon him again.  He is so sweet and all he wants is the comfort of your home and the warmth of your heart.  In return you will get the most loyal friend you could possibly hope for.

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