We have piles and piles of puppies! Twenty to be exact. And how funny is it (not haha funny but *ugh* funny) that last year at this time we also had twenty puppies!! We have three separate litters that came to use from three separate situations but all were desperately needing help. We have the “Livingston” puppies which are a litter that were found out in the woods along with their mama. Then there are the “Swamp” puppies that we had to rescue out in a small river/swamp town. Then last but not least are the “UPS” puppies that were rescued by a UPS driver when he found the litter of nine puppies abandoned in a field in the rain, almost starved to death. Some are ready for homes any day now while others are still needing either medical attention or their mama. But one thing is for sure………THEY ARE CUTE!!!!!! To apply for any one of these youngsters, please go to our website at at www.vrcpitbull.com and click on the Adoption process link found on the Adopt a Dog tab and submit the questionnaire.