This past summer, two men in the town of Elmont, N.Y., were arrested on animal cruelty and dog fighting charges.  Several dogs were confiscated from the home with not only physical injuries but emotional ones as well. But much of the credit in saving these dogs goes to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter who took on the responsibility of not only taking the dogs to safety but housing them through the court process and then seeing to it that they got a fair chance at getting new homes.  As horrible as the Michael Vick case was, it did pave the way and prove to society and it's animal shelters across the nation, that "fighting dogs" can be rehabilitated and become loving and loyal companions.

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter contacted Villalobos and has asked us to take on "The Hempstead Hopefuls" and do just that…give them hope.  But Villalobos has never traveled this far to rescue any dog.  This will be our biggest journey yet.  And though we do what we can to help as many Pit Bulls as we are able, we are limited on space and money.
We could use any assistance in donations to help pay for the costs of traveling across the country.  Tia herself will be driving from Los Angeles to the great state of New York with obviously several stops along the way.  Her approximate dates for travel will be leaving the week of Nov. 7th and arriving in the Town of Hempstead on Nov. 12th and in time to attend "The Bully Breed Brigade 2011" event on Nov. 13th and being put on by Last Hope, Inc. (see PDF flyer)
But unfortunately we can't save these dogs without help.  A rescue of this magnitude is beyond our financial resources.  But together we can all make it possible.  Any donations will save the remaining (4) dogs.  If our supporters and faithful followers can help with donations, Tia will put in the time and the many nights of sleeping in her van at every Love's Truck Stop (Tia's favorite resting place).  Together with her road dogs, Arnold and Johnny, and all of you, we can save: Anthony, Carmella, Adrianna and Meadow.  Without an "us", there won't be a "them".
Donations can be made on our website: or you can mail checks to Villalobos Rescue Center, P.O. Box 1544, Canyon Country, CA. 91386 and be sure to tag your donations for: The Hempstead Hopefuls.

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