Bully Boot Camp – Week #1

Well we got thru the first week! We couldn't have made the moving into the new facility without this dedicated and very very hard working group of volunteers. Working from literally sun up to sundown, they busted their asses to get our dogs comfortable and into their new digs here in New Orleans. It was especially hard for this first group of "boot campers" because we moved approximately 50 dogs from Calif to New Orleans during this week so it was chaos here. We would also like to welcome the newest members of the Villalobos family: Josh, Armando and Beth, who attended this first week of Bully Boot Camp. They will be staying on permanently and working with us and the dogs. I can't say it enough, without this entire crew, we would've NEVER been able to get thru this week of Hell. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!