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What’s in a name? Well….in this case, “Hoolie” as we like to call him, definitely started off that way…a legit Hooligan out of the gate! He was a very naughty boy when we first got him..hahaha!  Our little country fox …

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There is just something magical about the Belgian Malinois dog.  They stand alone in the dog world as being spectacular athletes and are brilliant when it comes to figuring things out. Unlike the typical Belgian Malinois, Soul is a subdued …

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Agnes is a purebred Great Dane.  She was found in a remote area of Assumption Parish, Louisiana.  Wandering the swampy area, she was so emaciated.  Thanks to a dog loving Assumption Parish deputy who spotted her pic on Facebook, he …

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This little swamp dog is as sweet in person as he is in a photo.  Like so many of the dogs that come to us at our rural location in Southeast Louisiana,  “Ramses” is one of hundreds of dogs that …

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Chica was rescued by two ladies who found her wandering in a rough area of New Orleans.  They named her “Chica” on the way to the rescue but I have since nicknamed her “Cheeky” (a term of endearment commonly used …

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Regina George

This little pit mix is the sweetest, most cuddliest little dog you will ever meet, she loves children and would love to play dress up and tea party…. She needs to be the only dog, but the amount love she …

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Pajamas is a lab mix, she’s very sweet, but needs a patient home as she can have some anxiety.