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Yeah.  I know. He’s cute as all get out, right?  Ace came to us as a stray out in our Assumption Parish, Louisiana location.  Being a typical country dog, he wasn’t leash-trained or social with other dogs.  Loud noises also scared him.  And as adorable as he looks, we thought for sure we’d be able to get him a home right away but…it appears that Ace simply needed a little more socialization.

His first stop was with me/Tia Torres. Here, he got to hang out with my dogs and start his basic training and socialization. He did GREAT. Then, it was off to the next phase, and I sent him to our mini-kennel location in West Virginia, where his training and socialization could take the next step. Well, of course, he’s doing amazing there as well. So then, let’s talk about the right home for Ace.

Although we have not done a DNA test on him, we’re pretty sure he’s a Pit/Cattledog mix.  What does this mean?  It means he is full of piss n’ vinegar and super duper smart!  And with Ace being so young, he’s a little pistol.  For these reasons, he needs a home where his human is active and hopefully into training and possibly doing some doggie sports.  When I say Ace is brilliant…I say it with a capital “B!”

Ace is polite around other dogs but he does need to be the only one in the home.  He is fine with them and will even try to engage in play until…things heat up. Then he becomes a little too spicy; insert the Pit Bull and Cattledog part of him…haha!

Ace also needs to go into an all adult home. It’s not that he doesn’t like kids but he gets startled around them so we think he would simply do better in a more structured home environment.

I cannot say this enough but Ace is one of the smartest dogs who has ever walked through my door.   I truly hope he finds someone who admires him as much as I do and will keep moving forward with his training and participate in some cool dog things.  He’s just too cute not to show off.



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