40 DOGS IN 30 DAYS . . .

We were warned that New Orleans would be tougher to deal with than Los Angeles when it came to the "dog problem". But nothing could prepare us for what we're dealing with now. We are literally drowning in dogs, dogs turned loose in front of our facility, dogs chained up, dogs in boxes, you name it. We haven't quite figured out a "plan" yet, per se, but we are putting our heads together to try and help these poor dogs. And so many think that because we have a TV reality series, that we're "rollin' in the dough" but all that does is help us put a dent in what monies we put out. We know that it is frustrating for everyone when they send us a plea for help to take their dog or a dog they found, but the truth is, until we figure out how we're going to handle what is here before us in New Orleans, we are very limited. For now we have to try and save what we have. And right now 40 dogs, most of them heartworm positive, is what is taking up our time and funding. Here are just a few of the dogs that have now entered the Villalobos family……….

This little cutie's owner tried to dump him here and after we told him we were completely filled up, he took of his collar and tag and dumped him at the end of our street.


Puppy Panda
Panda and his 19 siblings.


found running the streets of a very dangerous neighborhood with scars and cuts all over her back.


a drop dead gorgeous German Shepherd, filled with heartworms, left on the side of a swamp highway by his owner


had been running loose in the 9th Ward for months because no one could catch him. He was/is extremely sick and we are nursing him back to health.


dumped back on us after 7 years of being adopted from us as a Katrina puppy.


the hero neighborhood dog who found Lucky drowning in a canal


he was saved by a little girl and the neighborhood dog Beaux after being discovered almost dead and drowning in a canal


found wandering the streets and by all appearances, she seemed like she had an owner: pretty embroidered collar, trimmed toenails, smelled like a freshly bathed dog but....no one came to claim her


Lady of Rage
was found running around a truck stop in Shreveport, LA


Claiborne was hit by a car and her leg broken in several places.


Ebony was thrown out of a truck at a park along with her little friend Ivory.


Marie was brought here in the back of a pick up truck and trembling. Owner said "I don't want that dog in my house!"