ZEP – Dogs A Must Program

Approx. Sept 2017

Bull Terriers…..they are a type of dog that only BT lovers can appreciate.  Sometimes called the “cousins” to the Pit Bull, their quirky and silly antics puzzle many a human and Zep is no different.

We got him out of the LASPCA here in New Orleans as Bull Terriers are considered a “specialty” breed and between having someone adopt him because “he’s cool looking” to someone adopting him and not realizing they can be “challenging”,  we brought him to VRC where we are quite versed in the breed.

On the “scale” of BT “kooky”, Zep is pretty good….hahaha.  He is very willing to please his human and when focused on a task, he behaves very well.  We are still assessing his “dog to dog” relations but we are hopeful that Zep has a bright future in a home of his own.

Zep is also a member of our “Dogs a Must” program.  This unique opportunity came about through the dream of owner/trainer, Tracy Owen out of Arkansas.  A former inmate herself, she was involved in a prison dog program while incarcerated.  Once released she continued with her passion for dogs and opened up her own training facility where she employs former inmates,  all who were also involved in prison dog programs within the state of Arkansas.

By sponsoring Zep, these donations will go towards training (something that he truly needs prior to adoption) and the structure he will need as a more “challenging” dog.  By sponsoring Zep in the “Dogs a Must” program, you will receive a photo of him and his handler/trainer.

We are so excited for this help. Without Tracy and her team, these dogs may have ended up sitting with us forever and missing out on a great home someday.  Now your donations will go towards Zep’s “education” and ultimately a brighter future.

To learn more about the “Dogs a Must” program, check out their website: https://dogsamust.com/

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