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Passed Away
August 3, 2008
35 lbs, just a little guy

This little guy's life started and almost ended in Memphis, TN.  It was during a thunder storm that this little guy, running the streets, tried to get out of the bad weather.  He crawled into a storm drain where within a short period of time, it caved in and quickly began filling up with mud.  No one knows for sure how many days the little guy was stuck, but it was a Mom and her daughter out for a walk that heard the cries of a desperate dog.  They then flagged down a city worker who came to the rescue. He jumped into action and tried to dig the little dog out but it was useless.  The more he dug, the more the mud kept coming down.  He called in for more help from the city and with the help of heavy equipment, they managed to pull the little Pit mix to safety.  We were called to the attention of this story by Memphis Grizzlies player Zach Randolph, a fellow Pit Bull owner himself.  We made the drive to Memphis to save "Z-Bo" (Zach's nickname) from the animal shelter and brought him back to New Orleans.  Though he is still very shy, Z-Bo is slowly making progress.  Not only did he survive a horribly traumatic ordeal, but we then discovered hundreds of bite wounds all over his face, neck and chest.  This dog had been used as bait by some jerk for dog fighting practice.  They say it takes an entire village to save one boy…..in Z-Bo's case it was the city of Memphis. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Sadly ZBo's behavior has not improved and he is still PETRIFIED of the world. And because of this he is not available for one on one/contact visits 🙁

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