Adoption status
June 2013 est
70 Lbs

Yukon is a big boy with a big heart! He loves to play with toys, lounge in a pool on hot summer days and will roam around like he owns the place, but if someone he loves is nearby, he won’t leave your side. More than anything, he wants love and attention and he’s such a wonderful dog, he deserves it all! If you are looking for a 70 lb lap dog, he is definitely your man. He is not friendly with other dogs, especially males, so his ideal home will be one without other pets.  Yukon behaves perfectly on leash however, he can walk through the kennels like a show dog, ignoring all distractions with his person by his side.  He can play rough with his toys, so no young kids in the house but teenagers would love his athletic abilities!


  • Cat-friendly
  • Dog-friendly
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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