Adoption status
February 2006 (approx.)
about 55lbs.

Winston came out of one of the worst shelters in Los Angeles.  Dogs don't stand a chance there getting adopted let alone being a Pit Bull trying to find a home.  But thankfully for Winston he had a guardian angel who believed in him and bailed him out of that hell hole.  Once here, Winston eventually regained his confidence and he has become a brave little dog. The ideal home for Winston would be with his woman.  He is a very alert dog and would make a great watch dog.  Ladies you would never have to worry about anyone getting past your front door unless they were invited.  Winston is sweet with people but once he's comfortable and realizes where his home is….he's the ultimate little protector.  Burglars, stalkers, rapists beware…..Winston is here!

Other dogs: decent, but would do best as the only dog

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