WILLOW (husky)

Adoption status
Jan 2008 Approx
Husky Size

This blue eyed beauty was found running down one of the most deserted highways in California. Our founder Tia Torres, spotted her as she nearly became road kill from a big semi truck. There were no homes around for miles so the question became who dumped this poor dog in the middle of nowhere with no way to defend herself? Despite how horrible a former owner had treated her, she immediately jumped into the car, tail wagging non-stop and oh those slobbery kisses. She had many to share. Willow is a very outgoing and happy go lucky girl. She will behave around other dogs but she will need to be the only princess in the castle. Her photo doesn't do her justice. When you see those blue eyes against that black velvet coat in person, it just takes your breath away.

Willow update – Willow has been fostered by one of our 'tv producers' while here in New Orleans working on the show and she has proved herself to be the PERFECT dog. She is house trained, crate trained (although she doesn't need it) and an all together wonderful companion. She is affectionate, kind and walks perfectly on the leash. She gets a bit nervous around other dogs, but would be fine in a home with an older dog or a dog that would just coexist with her. She is great with cats and awesome with kids.

  • Cat-friendly
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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