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Wild Turkey was yet another stray pup in New Orleans, when a good Samaritan found him.  His cute little “fly away” ears made him quite the “looker” and he was as funny in personality as his silly facial expressions.

In the late Spring of 2018, our worst nightmare came true.  With having a TV show, we always worry about people wanting our dogs for the wrong reasons, for example, a “trophy” or for “bragging rights”.  And believe it or not, our dogs become celebrities themselves and people have been known to obsess over them.   So it was late April of 2018 when a Pit Bull rescue group that we had been helping, DOGNAPPED Turkey and four of our other dogs.   It took us months of searching the country but thanks to a dedicated police department and the dog rescue community who kept their eyes open, all of our dogs were finally rounded up and returned to us.

But this all came with a price not only for the dogs but for VRC as well.  It ended up costing us $125,000 in legal fees but we were finally able to get the DOGNAPPERS arrested and charged and they are currently awaiting trial.  Sadly, Turkey did not bounce back from the trauma and abuse he went through.  His behavior became so untrusting of people and he was no longer the happy go lucky pup that we knew him to be.

Sadly he will now have to remain with us for his lifetime.  His human aggression was so bad when he came back to us, that we cannot take that chance of adopting him out.   His abductors are still awaiting trial (yes after all these years…talk about taking advantage of the justice system) but as a sponsor, you will be able to show him that there are good people out there.




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