Adoption status
April 2012
Pit Bull

Most of our dogs’ profiles start off with how they came to us, etc.  But with Vanessa, I wanted to address the thing that stands out the most…she’s been here since 2012 and not one person has ever noticed her.  So as I type this, I am writing a new profile and we took updated “sugarface photos”

So let’s talk about how great Vanessa is.  She is PERFECT in the house. As a matter of fact, she is living in one of our satellite locations with other senior dogs.  She is perfectly crate trained.  She gets along with other dogs (as long as they are well-behaved and calm)  She is quiet.  She is just that amazing.

So now let’s talk about the negative….THERE ISN’T ANYTHING!!!  Trust me, if there was something, I’d be the first to tell you.  But since being moved out of the kennel and into a home environment, she has been nothing but the perfect lady.

So on that hot day in August of 2012, when her owners pulled up in a moving truck, rolled up that big back door, revealing Vanessa as a puppy and stating “they were moving and don’t want her”….she was discarded like an old piece of furniture.  Of course, they had not a care in the world that this sweet little puppy was probably minutes away from dying of heat stroke in that suffocating truck during the hottest time of the year in New Orleans.

We don’t know how Vanessa has been overlooked all these years but it’s her time to shine now!  Please be the one who brings Vanessa into their life before she has to spend another year here. She may be tiny but she is mighty!

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