Adoption status
Approx May 2014
Special Needs
Approx 50lbs

Our Uptown girl is fairly new to the rescue. We got a call from one of our employees that a pit bull was having seizures outside of our French Quarter shoppe. We of course rushed to help. She was just coming out of a seizure when we arrived and the first thing she did was kiss our faces. The good samaritan who brought her had left before we showed up. He told our employee he found her wandering around an Uptown neighborhood and she kept having seizures and he couldn’t afford to help. We took her straight to our vet where she was put on medication to manage her epilepsy.

She’s adjusted well and is doing much better! And as far as her personality goes…well, she is a total gem. She is calm, easy on leash, and just wants a human friend to hang out with. We think she lived in a home before. She knows sit and down, two things we didn’t teach her, and she gets excited when invited up on the couch. Who wants to fall in love with this Uptown girl?! We know we already have.

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