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Early one morning, when our staff was just arriving to start walking dogs, a big brindle dog came trotting up to the front of the rescue. He was happy as can be, wagging his tail, greeting everyone. We quickly noticed he had not one, but two chains around his neck. He must have broken free, and he seemed so proud of himself. The chains had to be cut off with bolt cutters, as they were too tight around his neck and there was no other way to remove them. Wherever he came from clearly wasn’t a good place. It was obvious he had been living outside, and of course he came to us heart worm positive.

Although Two-Chains came to the right place for help, he has struggled to adjust to life in a kennel. We figured out it is because he craves human affection. He just wants to be with a person, and we want that for him more than anything. He is young so he does have energy and would require adequate exercise. He enjoys a game of fetch and brings the ball right back. Once he is done playing, he forgets his size and turns into a lap dog. We are still working on his manners, but he is a quick learner. We hope someone swoops in soon for this big sweet boy!

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