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What a story this guy has. If not for the quick thinking of a passing motorist who became his guardian angel, Trejo's life would've ended in the middle of street or at the hands of his abusers.  It happened on a very hot summer day of 2008.  Trejo's guardian angel spotted a pick up truck swerving back and forth on the road in front of her with a dog in the back.  The dog was being pitched from side to side like a sack of potatoes.  After a couple of minutes of watching this, it became apparent that the men in the truck were doing this "for fun".  With the tail gate down on the truck, it would only be a matter of minutes before this dog ended up as road kill.  The guardian angel began honking her horn and actually started taking pictures of the incident in action.  Then a strange thing happened.  The guardian angel followed the truck for a few miles as they ignored her, but it was divine intervention as the truck pulled into the parking lot of animal control.  By the time the guardian angel parked her own car, the two men had the dog out on a chain holding him at bay with a garden rake.  The dog was trembling and pulling away frantically.  The guardian angel began begging the men to give her the dog and to put down the rake.  They laughed and said he was "vicious" and that she better stay back.  They mocked the guardian angel who at this point was sobbing.  Animal control officers came out and once they had the traumatized dog secured, the two men took off. The guardian angel didn't stop there.  She contacted us to take "Tiger" as she had named him then. He would need ALOT of rehabilitation as no one could get near him.  We agreed to take him and he was sent off for neutering.  Then "Tiger's" life added another traumatic chapter to it.  The next day upon picking him up from the vet, as he was being walked out to the car, he panicked when he s aw a man in the parking lot, and pulled away and got loose.  For over an hour, 15 people chased him throughout a VERY VERY busy street, ducking and dodging cars.  He was finally caught by the vet tech and safely transported here.  He has been one of our worst emotionally abuse cases.  It has taken us a couple of months but you be the judge.  Just look at his progress.  Oh and to the abusers of Tiger now named Trejo, did we mention that his guardian angels are actor Danny Trejo and his wife?  You know, Danny Trejo, as in the guy who plays tough guy roles and an ass kicking thug.  They'd better hope that little four legged Trejo doesn't start talking. Danny is a Pit Bull owner himself and he doesn't like animal abusers.  They're gonna need more than just that garden rake if he finds them.

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