HOUND ROYALTY!  And yes, he took my breath away the first time I saw him too. And that’s why I had my daughter drive to the shelter in Kentucky and bring him right to me (Tia Torres)  I had always wanted a Redbone Coonhound and when I saw this beauty’s deep rich red coloring and those eyes…omg those eyes!  It was love at first sight!

Unfortunately as “Tormund” (the name I gave him after the ginger-haired wilding from Game of Thrones) got more comfortable, the true dog came out, which is very common for newly adopted dogs to do.  But I don’t mean this in a bad way. It was very apparent that my living situation was not right for him and I was doing this dog an injustice.  He’s that amazing!  So I needed to stop being selfish and allow Tormund to find the right home.

Tormund is an athlete, a dog that has so much to offer to someone who has an active lifestyle.  He is NOT hyper but just energetic and aware of everything that is going on around him.  He is always scanning the horizon, looking for that next adventure.  He would make an AMAZING agility dog or any other similar activities.  He has great toy and food drive and is always looking to please his human.  He is perfectly crate trained and well-behaved. HE JUST NEEDS A JOB!

Here is what Tormund needs:  No cats or small dogs. He’s got some strong prey drive (he is a true hound).  No small children only because he will knock them over so older kids will be fine.  He is good around other dogs but isn’t overly excited about them so living with one well behaved and sweet dog will be fine.  But he doesn’t care if he has any doggie friends.  He’s more into the humans.  He will also need a very secure yard.  My gut says this guy can scale a 6 foot fencing with ease.

Tormund is absolutely a sweetheart.  He is such a kind, gentle and loving dog who loves to give kisses, loves to run, and he loves his nylabones. At the same time, he is a very sensitive dog.   I want him to have a person who will worship the ground he walks on and look at him the same way I do.  And with my quiet lifestyle, it’s simply not fair to him.  I sit at a desk all day long and Tormund wants to get out into the world, run, play, and show off.  I am so bummed to have to let him find a better home than mine.  It hurts to even admit that.  But thankfully he hasn’t been with me that long and he is not too attached to me.  He loves EVERYONE he meets!

So…are you ready to bring the Prince of Hounds into your castle?



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