Adoption status
Approx June 2013
Pit Bull mix

This little Petey lookalike came to us many years ago when we first relocated to New Orleans.  It was a typical hot and humid summer day at our new facility.  We hadn’t been there that long to realize that the need to help all the unwanted dogs in the city was apparent.  On this particular day, we had gotten bombarded with several puppies, one of them a little white girl with Lil’ Racal-like patches over her eyes.

After realizing that at such a young age, she had already survived the mean streets of New Orleans, I named her after a book I read as a youngster; “Tomboy” about a teenage girl who survived street life by becoming tougher than the next person you met.  And that’s the feeling I got from this little pup, although as sweet as she was, she had managed to dodge too many “bullets” to count and then found her was to us.


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