Adoption status
Sponsored Dog
Approx August 2016
Approx 50lbs

Her name says it all.  This is a gal who wants her own human sooooooo badly.  “Cakes” as we like to call her, is one of our “swampies” out here in our rural location of Assumption Parish.  She craves human attention and all she wants to do is please her people.   She is so well-behaved and will curl up on the couch with you but bring out a toy or ball….she turns into a dock diving prospect!  And don’t let her 5 years of age full you….she will go from a couch potato and into a ball of water dog fury as soon as she sees that toy/ball.

But in keeping transparent,  we did adopt her out via our TV show and she got returned within hours.  Apparently, she nipped at the adopter’s mother and when I say we were SHOCKED….it completely caught us off guard.  This dog has been around soooooo many people and loved them all.  She can have some anxiety when put into a new situation and the only thing we can think of is that the adopters in their excitement had too many people over to greet Sweetcakes when she arrived and she became overwhelmed.  Since having her back with us, we have put her in all sorts of situations and she has passed with flying colors.

All this dog wants his human attention and lots of it.  She is desperate and I mean desperate for her own humans.  For now, she will remain in our sponsorship program but…..if someone so special that has lots of patience (and no other dogs) comes along, then we will consider her for adoption again.




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