Adoption status
Jan. 15th, 2014

When I got the call and saw that my caller ID was from an undercover cop friend of mine….I knew it was important.  He explained that they had just raided a house in New Orleans and that on site was also a teeny little Pit Bull puppy.  We raced over there and being a Pit Bull owner himself, my police officer friend was carrying her in the palm of his hand.  That’s how small she was.

The scene was pure chaos, with cop cars everywhere, people going in and out of the house and yet the littlest victim,  sat there with her little mouse like tail, wagging.  We named her Sucre’ (French for sugar) and sweet cannot even begin to describe how great she is.  She loves other dogs (pictured here with her “krewe”, Black (got adopted), Chickasaw and Brinkley…who thinks he’s too cool to hang out with the Pit Bulls…hahaha).  And rumor has it that when she had a sleepover at one of our worker’s house, she dove under the covers and slept with her head on the pillow…so any potential adopter needs to have a decent size bed…hahahaha.

Despite Sucre’ being with us since she was a “cute little puppy”….no one ever filled out an adoption application on her.  With so many black Pit Bulls here at the rescue, she simply got lost in the shuffle.  Please show her how special she is by noticing her.

Whether it’s “dulce”, “sucre'” or “sugar”, everyone has a sweet tooth 🙂

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  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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