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Dec. 2022
Misc. Breeds

There is just something magical about the Belgian Malinois dog.  They stand alone in the dog world as being spectacular athletes and are brilliant when it comes to figuring things out.

Unlike the typical Belgian Malinois, Soul is a subdued version.  She is a typical 6 month old pup but not “bouncing off the walls” like so many Malinois act.  She can even be a bit coy and shy at first meet, but is improving daily.  We have already started some basic training and confidence building with her. She is also a little bit shy of other dogs but that is also improving with each day.

The perfect home for Soul would be a quiet and structured home with an experienced dog person.  Because she doesn’t like too much chaos, we are saying no kids.  As for other dogs, a solid, calm, larger breed male dog may be good for her but we are still getting to know more about her dog to dog skills.

Soul is the kind of dog that is going to become so attached to her human and will be a loyal friend for life.  If you are looking for that “soul dog” this beauty will be the one that is “forever.”

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