Adoption status
Approx. Dec. 2022
Pit Bull mix

As a dog rescuer, you never want to get “the call”   The one that says, “I think there’s a dead dog on the side of the road.”  And on one peaceful Sunday afternoon, a good Samaritan called it in.  We drove down a remote country road and through the sugar cane fields and there she was….a female Pit Bull, a skeleton with skin was pretty much all she was.  The lifeless body of a once loyal companion to some monster of a human who had obviously dumped her out in the middle of nowhere and left her to ultimately die.

But then…a sign of life emerged from the cane stalks…a little black and white puppy crawled out and laid over the top of his mama’s body.  Too terrified to leave his dead mama’s side, his little tail wiggled back and forth, but still clinging to her body. Finally we were able to coax him away and scooped him up and wrapped  him in a blanket.  We also brought the mama dog’s body back with us and gave her a proper burial.

It took Sorrow awhile to trust humans again.  He is being fostered by my daughter-in-law M2 who he now thinks is his new mama. But we want him to have a new and permanent Mom.  Here is the kind of home this sweet angel needs.

Sorrow will need a quiet environment.  He is shy at first but within minutes, he is crawling in your lap.  Having another doggie friend would help but the other dog would need to be gentle and patient.  We will also cat test him because who knows…maybe he will find comfort in a feline friend as well.

As far as the kind of human(s) Sorrow needs…a loyal one.  One that will be his ride or die and in return, Sorrow will never leave your side  either.  Never have we had a dog ready to be so loyal.  In Sorrow, you will find a BFF for life.


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