Adoption status
March 2005 approx.
60 lbs. approx

After his owners moved to the East Coast, Shabazz had a tough time adjusting to kennel life here.  For months he was scared of everything and everyone and we weren’t sure he was going to make it.  He was so miserable without his owners.  Owner turn ins are heartbreaking for us too because it’s so sad to watch these dogs that are used to sleeping in a bed in a nice house and now they’re out in the weather elements, wondering where their family went.  Shabazz is finally coming around and realizing that no one is coming back for him and in order to get a new family he must be brave and put on a good impression.  He is now coming out of his shell and is desperate for love and a patient family. But because he can be a little shy, he will need a quiet, adult and structured home.  There has to be someone out there who can offer him this.  Behind this smile is a sad little dog.  Only you can turn his frown upside down.

Kids: probably not real small ones, he can sometimes be a little shy

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