Adoption status
Approx Feb 2017
Misc. Breeds
about 40 lbs.

This little swamp dog is as sweet in person as he is in a photo.  Like so many of the dogs that come to us at our rural location in Southeast Louisiana,  “Ramses” is one of hundreds of dogs that get abandoned in the “middle of nowhere.”   Once left to live on their own,  dogs in “small town Louisiana” have to fend themselves from venomous snakes, wild hogs, gators and Mother Nature. The heat and humidity is brutal and for a dog to survive on his/her own is next to impossible.

Thankfully this little cutie made it into our care and has been with us for a few years now.  Ramses is a great little house dog, crate trained and loves diving into the water for his ball.  He loves everyone he meets except…other dogs.  That would be his downfall.  He doesn’t go after them or try to “attack” them but it’s more along the lines of him being uncomfortable with them in his space. So  for that reason, we want Ramses to go to a home as the only pooch.

Because he is not that big of a dog, we are willing to try to cat test him on the chance that maybe he likes kitties and not doggies.

In case you are wondering what “kind” of dog he is….well we are too!  So stay tuned for his DNA results!

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