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Her story made international headlines. When Prada escaped from her home in Nashville, TN., she did what many dogs on the loose do…she got into a little trouble.  As this overly energetic gal ran thru the neighborhood, she got into a couple of tussles with some local dogs.  Animal control took her into custody and this is when things got ugly.  Prada's owner tried to get her dog back, but Nashville law has a "one strike you're out" policy.  So Prada was condemned to death because she was ruled a "dangerous dog".  So her owner decided to fight back.  But it was during Prada's incarceration at the animal shelter, that made things get really heated.  On video surveillance tape, it showed Prada getting loose from a worker and somehow making her way thru secure gates to another area of the shelter and getting into a fight with another loose dog.  Workers kicked and kicked to try and break up the dog fight.  Thankfully no one was hurt but what this became was a case of the "pot calling the kettle black".  The shelter and law enforcement were accusing Prada's owner for not being able to contain her dog…..yet they did the exact same thing.  So the very lengthy and expensive court battle began.  Prada sat in the animal shelter for almost a year and a half while the entire world stopped to watch the fight to save a Pit Bull's life unfolded. Rulings were made to once again euthanize Prada but then…appeals were filed and she got yet another stay of execution.  Then finally on April 27, 2012, the judge decided to release Prada into the custody and care of us (Villalobos Rescue Center) where she must remain for her entire lifetime.  And this is where you come in.  Prada needs support just like our other Sponsored Dogs.  Become her sponsor and take a trip out to the Big Easy to meet this sweetie in person.  This is one designer gal that looks great on everyone!

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