Adoption status

Just another stray Pit Bull in Los Angeles statistic.  Poor Pete has been adopted out twice and returned both times.  The first time was by a police officer who only had him for one day, when his neighbor complained that he didn't want a "Pit Bull living next door".  Geez, I thought police officers were tough.  Guess not, because this one brought Pete back.  The second adoption and return was when his new owners left the front door open and he ran out and got into a fight with another dog on the street.  So they felt he was now "vicious" and dumped him at a shelter instead of bringing him back to us.  The shelter thought he was such a fantastic dog that they didn't want to impound him, until they scanned him and found him to be micro chipped to us and called us immediately.  He's a fantastic little dog! Vicious? DEFINITELY NOT! Click on the picture below…look at all those dogs around him, and look where Pistol Pete is focusing on and what he's doing:) He's a volunteer FAVORITE!

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