Adoption status
Approx May 2015
Pit Bull

Meet our resident party animal, Piñata! If he had a theme song it would be “Real Wild Child” by Iggy Pop. If you are looking for a couch potato, he is NOT your dog. This boy wants to run and play and LEARN! He will work for treats and has a blast doing it! He requires an experienced owner who can be a strong leader and also stimulate him every day. If he isn’t able to expel his energy and exercise his brain, he will be anxious and even a little naughty! Some dogs display anxiety when they aren’t being stimulated enough, and now that we know what he needs we can find him the perfect home with someone who will enjoy working with him. He is dog friendly but he can be overwhelming so we are still working on his manners with canine friends. Older kids only, 12 and up, due to his energy level. If you like to have a good time and consider yourself an experienced handler, fill out an application for Piñata!



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