Adoption status
May 15th, 2011
Mini now, but give him a few months :)
Crate trained

Pancake and French Fry are some of the sweetest puppies we've ever had. They are sooo affectionate and loving with children and adults alike. They simply LOVE to give kisses and play. So far they are great with everything! French Fry is the sassier of the two, and Pancake is the softie 🙂  But their young little lives didn't start off so sweet.  These two little brothers were found literally dumped in the desert with no one around for miles.  Some sick person left them and their mother starving and fighting for food and the blistering summer heat.  Sadly we were not able to save Mama dog when she ran off scared and reluctantly leaving her babies behind. We tried for days to trap her but with no luck.  Pancake and French Fry are our daily reminder of how horrible people can be.  These two little cuties deserve to never have those memories again.  You couldn't ask for better puppies.  Let them know there is hope.

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