Adoption status
Approx. 2016
Pit Bull

If a Manatee and a Pit Bull had a baby….it would be Oher!

When I say this dog is huge…I mean GIGANTIC!  He has the personality of Shrek and is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had.

Sadly his back story is heartbreaking. Oher had a loving owner for 7 years.  He went everywhere with his daddy.  And because of this Oher LOVES LOVES LOVES going for car rides.  Then something horrible happened.  Oher’s daddy began having some mental health issues and he had to be committed to the hospital with no expectations of getting out anytime soon.  So we were called in by the parish to go and pick Oher up from his house.

His first few weeks were spent crying for his owner.  He had always been a spoiled house dog so we didn’t have the heart to put him in a kennel so we let him live in one of our offices.  Then we discovered how much he LOVES toys and will entertain himself for hours.

The other thing we found out is his LOVE LOVE LOVE for water.  He would stay in it all day long if we let him.

Some more great things about Oher is that he is perfect in the house, completely housebroken and is also crated trained.  He is a very calm guy and would love to lounge around someone’s livingroom or, go for a car ride every chance he gets.

We are still getting to know him but we will be dog, cat and kid testing him soon.

We cannot say enough great things about this “Hippopitamus”



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