Adoption status
Approx December 2008


Her story is one that takes her across the country and then back again.  Many years ago (while we were still in California), we were asked to save a dog that was in a shelter in Baton Rouge, LA.  Because we had close ties to Louisiana, we found ourselves going there frequently to help.  Making the long distance drive, we brought back “Noelle” (we got her around Christmas time) to California.

Such a well behaved lady, we thought for sure someone would adopt her quickly. But sadly we were mistaken.  And in 2011, when we began our trek out of state and to live permanently to Louisiana, Noelle found herself “going back home”.

It’s been many years and despite Noelle being a perfectly behave pooch, she has never had NOT ONE adoption application, which now makes her a member of our “Lonely Barks Club”.  Here you can sponsor her until she finds a home of her own and this will make her feel like someone is taking notice.  And while you’re  sponsoring her, feel free to ask around to your friends and family and see if they might want to adopt Noelle or know someone that is interested.

Noelle, although polite around other dogs, does need to be the only dog in the home.  She is PERFECT in the house and just wants someone to keep her company and vice versa. She’s low maintenance and is very laid back.  Please help us get her “Lonely Barks Club” membership revoked!  We don’t want her in that club 🙁

  • Not good with dogs
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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