Adoption status
Nov. 2006 approx.
40lbs, she's little but mighty

A victim of the Albert Cain dog fighting case, this little spunky redhead wasn't always so.  The largest dog fighting bust to hit San Bernadino County, Nibbles, her mother and 10 other Pit Bulls were tortured, fought and starved for the purpose of dog fighting.  Poor little Nibbles had to endure this life as a puppy.  But thankfully was confiscated and impounded before any harm could come to her…well that is the dog fighting part.  She too was starved and abused.  So one would think that she would be scarred for life, but not so.  This fireball loves nothing more than to play ball and go for runs in the hills.  This is the perfect companion for someone who has an active lifestyle. But more importantly, she has never known the comfort of a carpeted floor, a bed with a cushy blanket or even to live indoors.  She has known only chains, dirt and mud and living out in the elements of the bad weather.  There must be someone out there who has room in their heart and home for this little redhead.

Kids: older kids only, Nibbles plays like a puppy!

Other dogs: she'll behave around them, but needs to be the only dog in the home

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