Adoption status
Approx 2 years old
Average Pit Bull Size (about 60lbs)
Some training

Nani (named after one of my twins Kanani who rescued him) is the class clown.  But his life wasn't always to funny.  Kanani brought him home after one of his friends died, leaving "Nani" with no one to love him anymore. So he became a part of the Villalobos family and joined so many others who are also looking for a new home of their own.  Nani knows all sorts of tricks and has some training on him. But he is still a little "monster" who loves to have fun and will need an active owner who loves to play, wrestle and really make this dog a part of their life.  He LOVES his toys and will look for ANYTHING to toss in the air and keep himself entertained.  If you need someone to go jogging with or even hang out and watch the football game, then this pooch will help you cheer on your favorite team and maybe even jump up and down for the cute cheerleaders. FUN FUN FUN is Nani's motto.

  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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