Adoption status
Approx March 2011

This dog has the most gentle soul. When you look at those big sweet eyes, you know right away that there is something incredibly special about him. One of our employees found him, skinny, hairless, and alone in a New Orleans neighborhood. Sadly, it was obvious he had never had an easy life, and we knew we had to give him what he truly deserved, love and compassion. He instantly won the hearts of every single employee at the rescue. After months and months of medical care, his hair finally came back, and he filled out quite nicely-he is definitely easy on the eyes. We learned his hair loss was party due to food allergies. We manage his allergies with a medication he gets once a day and special food.

He is a mellow and laid back kinda guy, and very well behaved. We could see him being a couch potato. He is an absolute gem with kids-so gentle and sweet. However, he does become quite energetic when he gets to play with one of his canine friends. He LOVES to play. He is a mature man, but is almost puppy like with another dog. Not all dogs can handle his play style because of his size, so it takes the right one. Whoever ends up with this dog will be SO lucky!! Seriously, he is that great!

  • Not good with cats
  • Dog-friendly
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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