Adoption status

What a sad story he has. Purchased as an expensive puppy, he and his then 11 year old owner lived together like Timmy and Lassie. Never had any idea that their future together was to be crushed. When the boy's family decided to move out of state, they felt that taking Monster was too much trouble. But that wasn't enough pain. Monster's boy, now 17 years old had to be the one to take him to the animal shelter. As "Timmy" walked away his "Lassie" remained in a cage, screaming like an infant. According to shelter staff, it was heart wrenching. Monster is a BIG BABY and needs to be pampered and coddled and kissed and hugged. Is there another Timmy out there?

Monster was adopted out after being with Villalobos for a short time.

Now fast forward to March 2009. We got a call from a distraught family. They had found one of our dogs (microchip traced back to us) wandering the highway, eating out of garbage cans. He was very thin. The second they described to us, what was a magnificent merle blue Pit Bull, we knew it was Monster. Our first thought was to be furious with his adopters. What had happened in the two years that Monster was gone from us?? To make a long story a very short and sad one, Monsters owner (our adopter) had died of cancer. Somehow he had gotten lost in the shuffle and was left behind to fend for himself. If not for the kind hearted couple who found him, nursed him back to health, and drove 8 hours to bring him back, he would have surely died. This BEAUTIFUL SWEET dog has gone through so much! There has to be someone out there who will let him live out his life as a king, never to have to worry again. He lost two families now. Let the next loss only be his own life when he dies of old age with you……….his forever home.

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