Adoption status
April 2006 approx.
about 50 lbs

Does this look like a fun dog?  A happy dog?  Well I would have to say this gal has probably the best outlook on life more than any other dog here.  A;though she has to be the only dog in the home, she is well behaved out on leash and loves nothing more than to play with her human friends.  She LOVES the water and LOVES going out for a stroll.  Absolutely nothing phases her and just this past year, she conquered Mardi Gras without batting an eyelash!!!

Molly O has such an uplifting attitude and just plain puts a smile on everyone’s face.  She is the sunshine in the day and if you’re in a bad mood, she won’t allow it.  Molly O has been voted one of the most favorite dogs here at our facility.  Are you going to be the lucky one to take her home?

Molly O is also a member of our “Lonely Barks Club”.  In all her years of being with us, she has never had anyone fill out an adoption application on her 🙁  So she is also available for sponsorship (which will make her feel like someone cares for the time being) until, hopefully, she gets a home of her very own.

  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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