Adoption status
Passed Away
approx. 6 yrs old
the perfect Pit Bull size; 60 lbs. approx.

Max is one of our 40 plus Katrina dogs. Like so many of the dogs from this disaster, they all have their unbelievable stories. Max was a part of the "Lamar Dixon" group. This was the location in Louisiana where the majority of all the Pit Bulls were kept: approx. 5000 in total. As the rescue efforts went on for weeks and into months, people came and picked out the dogs they wanted to save. Animal shelters and dog resuce organizations joined in. As the animal rescue efforts were winding down, the final group of the Lamar Dixon dogs remained unwanted. These were the ones dubbed, the worst of the worst, the bottom of the barrel as called by one rescue group. Mostly because of their behavior but not to leave out the fact that they were Pit Bulls either. So they came here. The last of the Lamar Dixon dogs. We don't know who's barrel he was the bottom of, but here he's one of the golden nuggets in the treasure chest. Max is a sweet, goofy happy boy, who has kept up with a great attitude while waits for a home of his own.

  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
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