Adoption status
(approx) June 2007
tall and leggy, about 65lbs

Malibu actually came from a loving owner who just "bit off more than she could chew" and excuse the pun.  A senior woman who already had a female Pit Bull also took in Malibu as a puppy but when she matured, well the reign for "queenhood" took over.  Malibu and her "competition" began to fight on a regular basis so she came here.  Malibu is actually a shy dog that will do best in a quiet and structured adult home. She would make someone a great indoor companion and would be totally content just to hang out in your backyard and watch TV at night. She's just a low maintenace kind of dog and needs a stable and experienced home.  Oh and by the way…..she absolutely keep all the squirrels and oposums out of your yard! Lifelong companion and pest control all in one!

Kids: she's a little shy until she gets to know you…then she's a wild child. She will be good with kids 10 and up

  • Not good with cats
  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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