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As a rescue organization, you tend to get dogs in where the story is “the dog was abused”.  We hear it all the time.  Sometimes we can verify these stories and other times, we can only assume based on the dog’s behavior.  Sadly Margot’s story came straight from the horse’s mouth.

We received a knock on our door and there stood a man with a trembling dog.  The man appeared to be messed up on drugs or alcohol and boasted how he had “whopped his dog’s ass” because she wouldn’t listen to him.  Immediately we took the dog (Margot) in and kicked him off of our property.  Upon further investigation, we found posts on Facebook from this very man where he continued to brag about all the things that had “happened” to Margot and even went as far as to threaten to kill her.

Because of this documented abuse, Margot can be slightly apprehensive when meeting new people.  But within seconds, she recovers and becomes a wiggle worm.  She is excellent in the house and very well mannered.  But she does have a few emotional setbacks.

We found bite wounds on Margot which explains why she is so nervous around other dogs.  So because of this, we want her to go to a home without any other pets.  We want to do what makes her most comfortable and that is to be the only furry face in the household.

Her other setback, is that she is TERRIFIED of vehicles.  Upon further investigating her former owner’s Facebook page, we found a photo of Margot with a “hole in the side of her head” and in the comments, he again laughed about how she fell out of his truck and “got that hole”.  But we are working on this and with the help of my Bluetick Coonhound, Jethro….we hope that she will enjoy a road trip again.

Margot has literally been through Hell and back again.  She will need a patient, quiet and structured home.  Adults only and not because she’s bad with kids but because she is nervous when meeting new people and energetic kids going in and out of a house would be too much for her.  She will need a country life style or possibly a calm suburbia lifestyle would be fine.

She lives with me (Tia) and is actually perfect (but we live in the country) and my Hound Jethro is so calm and good with her that she actually tolerates him.  So I know what she needs and what would be best for her.  So please….when applying for her, read the above again and make sure that your home fits the bill.

Margot is so much fun and such a beautiful dog.  I want her to be loved like I do with her and to never have to be scared or worry again.  If you are sincere and have the patience it will take,  then you will have a devoted friend for life.

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