Adoption status
March 17, 2010
65 lbs.

I first spotted Lucky running as a stray in the infamous Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, LA. For weeks I tried to catch him but he was so scared and you could see the desperation in his eyes. He was skin and bones yet his lanky body was able to out run me, day after day, night after night.  Weeks had gone by and I had given up all hope of catching him.  Then one day I received a desperate call from a woman who was trying to help a dog who was drowning in the canal near her house.  Apparently her 12 yr. old daughter had gotten off the school bus like she did every day and the neighborhood stray dog, Bo, was acting "weird". Bo who ran the streets, being fed by all the neighbors, was frantic. His normal happy go lucky attitude was now that of a panicked dog who was trying to tell the 12 yr. girl, Destinee, "something".  She followed Bo across the field and he hung over the side of the bridge and down into the alligator infested canal and there, hanging on for his dear life, was a brown and white dog.  He was drifting in and out of consciousness as he fought for his life from drowning. After many 911 calls to the sheriffs and animal control and with the help of neighbors, they managed to pull the dog from the water.  Villalobos was then contacted and when we saw the "canal dog", it was then that we realized it was the same dog that I had been chasing for weeks!  Thanks to Destinee and a little brown stray dog named Bo…."Lucky" was now safe.  Once healthy and after weeks of re-cooperation, we realized that Lucky had some "behavioral issues" that made him unadoptable. So he remains with us and is now living the life out in the country at one of our satellite houses….right off the river.  Despite his near death experience, Lucky has absolutely no fear of the water and actually enjoys playing in it. We consider him our "brat" dog but he is one of our founder, Tia's favorite companions to hang out with.

SPECIAL NOTE: Now you would think because of the traumatic experience Lucky went through, that he would be more "appreciative" of what life has to offer but….noooooo, Lucky has joined the "I don't play well with others" club.

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