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Knox is a purebred Plott Hound.  Despite the heritage of this breed being known for hunting boar and bear,  Knox’s personality couldn’t be further from that.  But that is exactly why his owner got rid of him.  He was just too silly and sweet. Add to that, he also got picked on by the other hunting dogs.

Knox can be just a little shy but he is getting better with each day that passes.  Being that he now lives with me (Tia Torres) I will start taking him out and about to show him how fun the world can be.  He is also learning to trust other dogs and really wants to be their friend.  We are making progress!

So what kind of home does Knox need?  If you have another dog, that dog needs to be calm and polite and allow Knox to warm up to him/her. He really tenses up if the other dog is too overwhelming.  Knox LOVES his crate. It gives him a sense of security and he is so well-behaved in it.

For a Hound, he is pretty quiet.  I rarely hear him bay/bark.  Because he came to us straight out of some hunting dog kennel, he’s never been in a house or walked on a leash.  But already he has learned that the air conditioning and watching TV are pretty darn cool.  So he prefers to be inside most of the time.

Knox is still a work in progress but he is by far, one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had walk through my front door.  But truth be told, I would love to see him walk back out and into your home.  He truly wants his own person.  For now, he will work on his socialization skills until he is ready for a home of his own.


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