Adoption status
Approx 2011
Approx 60lbs

Juneau is the PERFECT dog!!! She’s well behaved in the house, calm but loves to play if you’re up for it, she’s loving but not overwhelming, she likes kids, she likes dogs ok….we won’t be sending her out of state to live with another dog but if you’re local & we can introduce them we’ll give it a try.  She’s confident, can go to the French Quarter for a stroll or hang out at the local cafe….the sad news about Juneau that we just found out is that she has pretty severe hip dysplasia…it’s not affecting her much now, but down the line it might.  We have her on supplements to help her out & when the time comes she’ll get some pain meds.  Because of her arthritis, it would be best if she didn’t live in a situation where she has to go up up too many stairs….just to reiterate, this is not a situation where she’s going to need a major operation, so the cost of her future vet care will just be pain management.  Whoever gets this dog, is going to be so happy, she’s a truly awesome pet.

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