Adoption status
Passed Away
May 2003 approx.
a healthy boy now, about 75 lbs

Jorge comes to us all the way from North Carolina.  Though dog fighting is wide spread across the country, the midwest and the south are some of the country's worst areas.  Jorge was found along the side of a country road, riddled with wounds and looked like a skeleton draped with brown skin.  It was a miracle that a good samaritan happened to drive that desolate road that day.  The hopeless looking brown dog had been tossed out like garbage and had little life left in his eyes.  After much coordinating from across the country, Jorge's savior made arrangements to have his new friend driven to us.  As you can see by his before and after photos, he's made quite the recovery and is full of energy.  Jorge has become one of our favorites here at Villalobos, he's got such a great happy go lucky attitude it is a pleasure to be around him.

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