Adoption status
March 2007 approx.
About 50 lbs.

J.D. came to us back in California as a dog that was “being boarded”.  You see his owner was a famous band member of a punk/hip hop group and they were going on tour again.   Well it must’ve been one Hell of a tour because his owner never returned for him.  He never even called to say “good bye” or ask about his dog.  So J.D. has been with us all these years and keeps getting over looked.  This gentle Pit mix has always been just a rock solid dog who a great temperament.  Although he does not like living with another dog, he will behave out on leash and mind his own business.

J.D. is a really easy going dog and is an excellent housemate.  He enjoys keeping himself entertained with his toys and is excellent in the car.  I mean, I will just say it….he’s pretty much the perfect dog and it’s time that someone other than us gets the opportunity to see that for themselves.  How about you?



  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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