Adoption status
Approx. 2021
Lab/Lab mix

We named him “Inferno”….do we really need to explain ourselves? Hahahaha!  But his demeanor and wild antics weren’t always an explosion of happiness.

It happened one hot summer day.  One of our employees was driving through our little town and and noticed “something” in a cage at the side of the road where people would normally put their trash out for it to be picked up.  As he pulled up, that’s when he saw that it was a dog.  He immediately freed the dog and put him in his truck and brought him back to our facility.

As the saying goes, “one man’s trash, is another’s treasure” and that’s what this ball of energy has turned into.  With that almost fateful day behind him, and with a powerful new name, “Inferno” went on to have quite the big personality.

He is currently a part of our Underdogs Prison Dogs Training Program where he is learning all sorts of fun and cool things.  And while he is getting an education and training, his personality has not waivered.  This boy is ready to party!

Here is the kind of home Inferno will need:

He will need an active home and people that like to get out and do things or even have fun at home.  He may even be open to some bungee jumping or going on the never-ending search for Big Foot.  Inferno down for anything at anytime!

He is great with other dogs but he plays rough.  So a larger dog like him and one that is pretty tolerant of his sometimes delinquent behavior.

Kids…sure.  How badly do you want to punish yours?  Haha!  He loves them…sometimes a little too much.  He is pretty active and will rough and tumble with them so probably older than toddler age would be best.

Inferno’s human doppelganger: actor Zach Galifianakis from the movie “The Hangover”…need I say more?


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