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Feb. 2015
Pit mix

His life started in jail….literally.  Straight out of the swamp, Hunter was dumped by his owner in the small town of Napoleonville, Assumption Parish, LA.  Like some of the rural areas in the South, the animal shelter is merely a fenced-in area with a few cages behind the local jail.  This is where Hunter’s life ended…and began.

With little to no resources, this area (and like so many in parts of the Southern region), dogs do not stand a chance of getting adopted.  Between remote locations and lack of manpower, these tiny little animal shelters barely get by each day.  And it was by fate that 6 years ago, Villalobos Rescue Center set up a location in this same parish and a merger of sorts began.

When we offered to assist with the shelter and their other animal control issues, we began to meet some of the most amazing dogs and one of those turned out to be Hunter.  His owner’s loss became everyone’s gain and Hunter would go on to be a recurring “star” on our show “Pit Bulls & Parolees” and just recently (Feb. 2020), he made his big debut as a star player for Animal Planet’s “Dog Bowl” and was given the MVP award!

It is because of his amazing personality and temperament that he received such high honors yet…he still has yet to get adopted. Hunter is a Pit Bull mixed with Border Collie which means he is super duper smart and LOVES LOVES LOVES to play.  He gets along with dogs of all types and is the perfect house dog.

Hunter is currently a “student” with the Arkansas Paws in Prison Program where he is being trained by some amazing inmate dog handlers.  And between being the MVP of the Dog Bowl 2020 and an upcoming graduate from the Arkansas PIP “University”….this is a pooch with some serious credentials!

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