Adoption status
Approx June 2016

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You can’t have your morning coffee without HEAVY CREAM! Seriously, you can’t, because he has to be one of the best dogs we have. Heavy must of lived in a home at some point because he acts like a house dog. It is incredibly sad that he knew what the good life was all about only to have it taken away from him. We don’t know why his people didn’t want him anymore, but we do know that it was not his fault, because this guy is ridiculously well behaved. He LOVES people, and rolls over for belly rubs. We took him to the French Quarter where about five people were rubbing his belly while he just lay on his back soaking it all up. He is AMAZING on leash and so far has done great with his dog testing, in fact, he helps us test out our new dogs because he is so good at it! He is not super energetic, so he will enjoy walks, but will relax in the home. And can you say DREAMBOAT? Someone show this sweet boy what it means to have a real family who won’t abandon him.

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